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Anchorage Christian Schools



1956: Missionary Don White established the Bible Baptist Church of Anchorage, Alaska on DeBarr road. He served as pastor for fifteen years, and the church grew to about 325 regular attendees.

1971: Jerry Prevo was called to pastor this church at which time the attendance began to increase rapidly. Pastor Prevo then founded the Anchorage Christian Schools. In just a few short years, the church exceeded the capacity of their existing facilities and needed to do something to allow for further growth.

1973: The church moved to their present location of twenty acres on Northern Lights Boulevard. The new building was primarily built by church members freely volunteering their time and talents. At this time the church was renamed Anchorage Baptist Temple.

1976: A gymnasium and additional classrooms were built to accommodate the growing needs of Anchorage Christian Schools.

1981: A new addition was added to make room for church offices and even more classrooms.

1983: The entire facility became one structure when the building of a multipurpose room connected the gymnasium and the church auditorium.

1988: The church became owner and operater of KCFT Christian Television (Channel 35) proclaiming the Gospel 24 hours a day, seven days a week to over half of the state's population.

1992: A beautiful 2100-seat auditorium was built and the old auditorium was converted into classrooms.

1996: Additional classrooms (27,000 square feet) were built for the Day School and Sunday School programs.

2002: The church completed a 75,000 square feet Children's Ministry Center. This facility consists of 26 classrooms for Sunday School and Anchorage Christian School. It also has a 300-seat gymnasium, library, music department, computer lab, and chemistry lab.